Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Related

Q: What is amendment?
A: Amendment refers to the alterations of information on examination documents. Candidates may wish to change the subjects / options after they submit their applications. Candidate / examination details on a statement of entry (SoE) may have errors. In any of these or similar situations, candidates should make a formal amendment request requested to the examination centre. Amendments are of two categories: 1) Amendment of candidate / examination details (eg. name, ID number, centre number, date, time, etc.). There will be no fees applied to these amendments. 2) If a candidate wishes to add or change an option / unit / subject, after the submission of application form, then fees would be applied.

Q: What is recheck?
A: Recheck Service can be applied for, once the result of an examination session is issued. In recheck there are two services. Service 1 is known as CLERICAL RECHECK in which total marks would be added up. Service 2 known as REVIEW OF MARKING in which a remark of the papers is done. Recheck fees are subjected to the session and title of examination.

Q: What is a late cash-in?
A: Late cash: in can be applied when the candidates do not apply cash in during the normal entry session of an examination. An application form must be filled in and submitted with a copy of results slips and ID card attached. Fees are subjected to the session and title of examination.

Q: Is examination fee refundable?
A: After completion of entry process, a candidate may withdraw from a particular subject or from all the subjects on medical grounds or for migration. In such a situation the candidate may request (with relevant documents of evidence) for a refund of subject / examination fee. Depending on the situation, an 80% of the subject / examination fee may be refunded.