Certifying statement

Certifying Statements is provided to a candidate who has lost their certificates. Certifying Statement includes two categories Local Examinations & Overseas Examinations. In Local Examinations we have SSC & HSC exams. An application form need to be filled attached with the copy of ID card of the candidate applying for the service. A total of MRF 200 would be charged. Duration of 3 working days would be taken for completion of service.

In Overseas Examinations only Cambridge examinations certifying statements service is provided by this department. An application form attached with the ID card must be submitted for this service. A total of MRF 975 charged for this service. Duration of 6 weeks would be taken for completion.

For EDEXCEL Examination certifying statements clients must log in, and continue the process as per the instruction given.

Service will be provided within all working days.